There are so many people today who suffer from pain.  Some of the pain comes from aging, some from injuries, illness, or disease symptoms.  Are you aware that some pain we carry within our bodies also comes from stress, non-healthy nutritional diets, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise?

As we age we carry bad habits of our youth with us which adds to the aging process and the pain issues.  Can you take a moment to analyze your pain symptoms (not to dwell on them).  What is truly the pain symptom and where?  If you listen to your body it is telling you what it needs, and is asking you to make the change to make it healthier. Are you just taking a medication to treat the symptom, or do you want to heal the cause?  Have you read the side effects on those prescription meds? Please understand that if you need medication for an illness or disease process I am not suggesting you give up your medications.  However, I am challenging you to look at what you are taking and why. Then ask yourself if I changed my behavior in diet, exercise, sleep, coping with stress, and even in the amount of water I drank a day, could I alleviate some of my symptoms?  Change in lifestyle can be good, but it doesn’t happen over night.  It takes practice, patience, a willingness to learn, and sometimes a supportive partner, friend, or a health coach.

My story:  I was diagnosed three and a half years ago with fibromyalgia, although I hurt most of my adult life (with the same symptoms).  I was taking Lyrica and other medications to keep the pain at bay.  I did not like the effects of Lyrica on my brain, feeling sometimes not so clear in my thinking so I kept the dose at a level I could function and tolerate the level of pain.  As I became more frustrated with my symptoms and my discomfort I searched out options for pain management and ended up on a website that took me to Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  Learning about their program I signed up to learn how to be a health coach, hoping it would give me insight on my own health issues.  I heard a Doctor speak on Gluten and fibromyalgia.  Gluten is an anti-inflammatory and adds to the pain in the body related to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other autoimmune disorders.  I gave up Gluten for six weeks and my symptoms improved.  I slowly decreased the amount of Lyrica with consulting with the Nurse Practitioner at the pain clinic. I am now not taking Lyrica and am able to tolerate short flare-ups of the fibro with the weather or  seasonal changes.  I also have to walking and exercise, eat healthy, manage stress, drink my 8 glasses of water a day, and sleep at least 6 – 8 hours a night.

I have also learned how to manage migraines, arthritis pain in my joints due to aging, and stomach hyperacidity through additional nutritional food changes and exercise.  If someone would have told me that eating healthier with the proper nutrition (not a diet of the month to lose weight) could have managed these symptoms when I was younger, maybe I would have tried them.  By changing my eating habits my weekly migraines have minimized to one every couple of months with less intensity, my arthritis pain and stiffness in my knuckles are absent 90% of the time, and I no longer am taking Prilosec or prescription meds to eliminate acid reflux and stomach burning,  SOME PAIN CAN BE MANAGED BY DIET, EXERCISE, SLEEP, ADEQUATE HYDRATION, AND STRESS REDUCTION

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