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  • Most of us enjoy eating, but not necessarily the eating best healthy foods.  We think we need to be on a diet for a few days because we over indulged in the recent past.  We say we can’t afford to eat healthy, but yet we find ourselves eating out at fast food restaurants or eating processed packaged foods that are on sale in the freezer section or can food section of the grocery store.  We spend money on soda and candy because they taste good, but wonder why we have thick midsections, or are tired all the time, except for that 30 minutes after ingesting the soda and candy bar.

FACT:  You can eat healthy on a limited budget, but it takes time to plan and purchase the foods for healthy recipes.  Harvard did a study that was released on December 5, 2013 that provided results demonstrating it costs only $1.50 per day more to eat healthy than non-healthy diets.  That is equivalent to a soda, a candy bar, or a bag of chips ingested for a snack.

  • We skip meals go on a fad diet of eating the same food for several days, or eating one meal item in a day to lose weight or. You know what I am talking about. Most of us have tried to follow a fad diet only to return to our past weight or even gain more pounds.  Do you know what a healthy intake of food is daily, the types of food your body needs to be at its optimum, and weight loss or maintenance can come through healthy eating habits.

Fact:  When you eat healthy foods and eliminate the “junk food” and those foods that cause stress on your body due to sensitivities, your weight will stabilize or even drop in pounds or inches. After years of yo-yo dieting I lost 15 pounds in a five month period (and have maintained it) when I eliminated Gluten, most dairy, and coffee from my diet as these were items that kept me from being healthy.  These were causing havoc on my body, but you may have a different need.  There are nutritional guides that you may find helpful.  The IIN Food Pyramid is a great source for understanding your dietary needs.


The World is Full of Recipes.  You can go to the Internet for a search of diets and recipes and find the recipes that best serve your dietary needs.  If you have an intolerance to certain foods you may want to experiment with omitting a certain ingredient and replacing it with an ingredient you do tolerate.  Not all recipes allow you tis opportunity, but have fun with cooking and creating healthy recipes you and your family can enjoy, without having to start from scratch in the creation.

Here are some links that may be helpful to your nutritional needs.

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